Fel General 0

Fel General

Created by Permafrost – VTR Guild Leader   Head Shoulders Cloak Chest Gloves Belt Pants Shoes Weapon  

VTR Transmog 0

Goblin Sniper

Created by Curthren – VTR Officer   Head Shoulders Chest Gloves Pants Shoes Weapon  

VTR Transmog 0

Blood Mage

Created by: Curthren – VTR Officer   Head Shoulders  Chest Gloves Boots Weapon    

Captain Planet 0

What Makes a Mythic Raider

Mythic Raiding… The end game. The final boss. The ultimate goal. In World of Warcraft raiding, Mythic difficulty is reserved for the best of the best. Players fight their way through Normal and Heroic...

Logs 0

How to Read Warcraft Logs

Warcraft Logs can be a great tool for analyzing your performance during a raid. With tons of information available, it can be overwhelming the first time you try to decipher your logs. Wowhead.com has...


10 Best Addons for World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft comes with many built-in features to enhance and customize the game. Many of which have evolved over the years with new components added each expansion. Blizzard has solved some of the...

LFR and Raid Finder 7

How LFR Affects Raiding in WoW

Raiding in World of Warcraft has evolved many times over the years. We have seen numerous new formats and changes to our raid system. Many of these have brought great new challenges for players....