MTG: Arena

Welcome friends! Here is where you will find the latest information on our adventures with Magic the Gathering: Arena. VTR has been hosting weekly tournaments with this amazing new format that allows us to play MTG with our closest friends virtually!


Overall, I’ve been very impressed with this new platform. It has brought together new and old players for new experiences and some great match ups. The system is clean and well organized with direct challenges allowing you to play your friends directly. While there is not a “tournament” set-up for friends, we have been able to recreate your typical Friday Night Magic experience. By using software that randomizes pairings and keeps track of points, we are able to provide a great night of gameplay.

Every Monday night, we host a tournament with a prize payout of 750 in-game gems. This is worth 3 packs of any set to help your collection. Each week, I will post the results here as well, as well as complete deck lists! Check back weekly to see who is the reigning champ and see how they achieved that #1 rank!

If you have an interest in participating in our tournaments, please feel free to reach out! You can reach us at!

Tournament 1 – View Results HERE

Tournament 2 – View Results HERE

Tournament 3 – View Results HERE