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Imagine this:

Waking up early to enjoy a day on World of Warcraft. You have waited all week for the chance to relax and run some dungeons, catch up on your dailies, or check out the new battleground. You log in and open up your guild roster. There are 17 people on who are max level and you think to yourself, “Maybe I can get somebody to tank for my dungeon or help heal my daily BG!“. You say, “Hi guys!” in guild chat.


You wait a few minutes and try a different approach. You say¬†“Anybody want to join me for the daily heroic? Or a battleground?”

*More Crickets*

Does this sound familiar?

This was my experience each time I tried to interact with previous guilds. It got old very quickly…

Time to make a guild change!

This need for a different type of guild atmosphere led to the formation of Voidwalker Texas Ranger. Our goal was to bring together the best of the best. People who needed a guild to accomplish end-game goals, but also to call home while making lifelong friends and creating awesome memories.

Our guild is our family within the World of Warcraft. We are a large, but tight-knit group of friends looking to come together to defeat the numerous foes within our world. We focus on a family type atmosphere and pride ourselves on knowing details about each of our guildmates. As a result, we are able to accomplish much more than average guilds.

Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for players within our realm. We aim to be the #1 guild on our server. Not only in terms of raid progression, but also by being the best unified, cohesive, and fun guild on the server.

We are always recruiting and welcome members of any experience or level. We want members to feel welcome and help answer any questions. In addition, we are always looking to expand our leadership council. There are opportunities for promotions to Class Mentor or Recruitment Officers.

Voidwalker Texas Ranger has made great strides throughout Legion and we hope to continue progressing and preparing for the next expansion! We have big plans for the upcoming expansion and are looking forward to experiencing the latest content with our guild!


Our Leadership – Meet the Team


Kerrigwen Bio

Updated Clint Bio 2

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Interested in joining Voidwalker Texas Ranger? Click HERE to apply for membership!



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