Raid Requirements

As a member of VTR raid team, you will be expected to uphold certain standards and follow a basic set of requirements. Successful raiding requires organization, dedication, and trust in your fellow guild members. We ask our members to follow the guidelines below for all raid events. This includes farm and progression style raiding. Being prepared ensures that we will make the most of our raid times and accomplish all of our goals.


VTR Raid Checklist


Raid Requirements

  • Required Addons: Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs and Details or Skada. We use these addons to set a guideline for our raid team to meet the minimum raid standards for healing and DPS. These addons are required to allow for our members to see personal improvements during progression raiding. Our leadership team also uses these numbers to help determine the best fit for our raid roster.


  • Guildies MUST be at meeting stone by 10 minutes before scheduled raid. Summons will no longer be sent. The meeting stone shall only be used as a last resort. Each of our members needs to be accountable for getting themselves to the raid zone and ready to enter at the scheduled raid time.


  • Gear must be gemmed and enchanted. Gear must also be repaired before entering the raid. By maximizing our gear potential, we are able to perform better and maintain survivability during the raid encounters.


  • Guildies must sign up using guild calendar and will not be invited if not signed up. Please be sure to check the calendar for updates and information. The in-game calendar serves as our main hub of guild¬†information and raid event updates. Each guild event will also appear on our website and updates will be sent via Discord.


  • Discord is MANDATORY for guild raid events. Only those invited to raid will be the raid channel at the time of the scheduled event. Please join Discord 15 minutes before raid time to discuss any questions or concerns. Voice is NOT required, but you must be able to access the raid channel and listen for instructions and important information.


  • Discord chat will need to be cleared before each and every boss pull and loot. This allows for the Raid Leader to explain mechanics and reminders as needed. Voice chat must remain silent during explanations and allow time for questions or comments before each boss pull as needed.


  • Guildies will be expected to be at the highest level of knowledge for their class, as well as knowing basic raid mechanics. This may include using a guide or watching a video. Please research your class specifics and be prepared to perform to the best of your ability. Members may be asked to step out from the raid if they are underperforming at any given time.


Raid Supplies

We will continue to provide feasts and cauldrons for each progression raid provided guild members help donate supplies. The materials needed for feasts and cauldron can be found below! Save these for easy reference for BFA materials.


BFA Feast Supplies


BFA Cauldron Supplies


3 Strike Policy

Each member of the VTR raid team will abide by our 3 Strike Policy. This can be enforced by any member of the VTR Leadership Team. Guildies are expected to understand and follow the raid requirements for each and every raid event. In addition, guild members who fail to follow requirements multiple times will be permanently removed from VTR raid team.


VTR 3 Strike Policy



Raid #1 – Guildie signs up to raid and arrives at stone 10 minutes before raid time but does not have any food or potions.Strike 1. Supplies will be provided for Guildie for that night only. Guildie is expected to return borrowed supplies to guild bank or to a fellow guild member.

Raid #2 – Guildie signs up to raid and has food and potions, but is late and doesn’t show up until 9:30 pm (CST). Strike 2. Guildie will be asked to sit out for the night and will not be invited to join the raid.

Raid #3 – Guildie is on time and has supplies for the raid, but forgot to sign up on the calendar and missed receiving an invite. Strike 3. Guildie will not be invited to raid for the next 3 scheduled events


In conclusion, we are going to hold each member of VTR to the same standards. Our team needs to function as a well-oiled machine in order to accomplish all of the achievements and goals. Being responsible and prepared will allow for us to become one of the top raiding guilds on our server!



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