Totally Transmog

Since Transmogrification was introduced into World of Warcraft back in Patch 4.3, players have enjoyed creating new and detailed Transmog sets for their characters. Collecting and crafting gear to finish a “set” has become a fun part of the game for many players.

Our raid team often jokes that you can’t kill bosses looking like a scrub and we encourage each other to create the perfect “mog” for your class or race. We wanted to provide others with some of our best transmogs.

Each week, we will feature 3 different Horde only transmog sets. These will show the full set of gear, as well as the names of the items in the full set so you can recreate your own!

Visit this section often to review new transmogs and be sure to contact us if you would like to feature your own unique transmog set!


VTR Transmog


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